Peardonville Treatment House is a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation home with capacity for 32 women. Many of the women arrive at the home directly from jail. The house offers a 3-month program that accommodates women with children 5 years old and under, the only of its kind in the area. Peardonville, and also Kinghaven which houses 92 men, form the largest provincial treatment centre in British Columbia.

Because it is government funded, the spiritual care of residents must take place after hours and is not mandatory. Still the ‘Spiritual Healing’ time, which consists of a Bible study and the Alpha course, attracts many girls, even though it is held in the evening and outside of regular programming.

The Bible study material of choice is EHC’s Finding the Hope booklet. Many girls have come to faith in Christ because of it. Recently, five young women gave their lives to the Lord and were baptised in a nearby local church.

Board member, Jane Cooper says, “Finding the Hope is a real vehicle for the girls coming to Christ because it makes it so clear for them. That little booklet starts it all. It’s just an easy way, rather than having to find the words, we just read it together. The right words are in the booklet. Just to have the security of that means a lot.”

When the girls graduate from Peardonville, they are given a Life Recovery Bible, a daily devotional, and a Finding the Hope booklet.

Two other ministries that also use Finding the Hope booklets are Life Bridge Ministry and Freestyle.

Life Bridge Ministry helps graduates from the addiction centre transition to a welcoming recovery local church in their own community. Freestyle is a ministry which provides free clothing to the needy. With the clothing, people also receive a Bible and a Finding the Hope booklet.

In partnership with organizers of a local Abbotsford weekly BBQ for the homeless, we are making plans to distribute Finding the Hope booklets to each of the 50-60 homeless people who attend the BBQ each week.

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