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Presenting Christ to Every Home

The Priority of Prayer

Have you ever wondered if prayer can actually affect the life of a nation and its people?

As the Bible reveals and as we have seen in 65 years of global ministry, prayer makes an extraordinary difference because God in his eternal compassion responds to sincere prayer offered in his name.

Prayer is key in the life and work of the Church. And is essential to the progress of missions and evangelism.

Become an EHC prayer supporter

Every Home for Christ (EHC) partners with Christians in Canada and around the world who pray with great intensity for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We invite you to be a part of this vibrant network.

“God has granted us access to him through prayer, and when we enter his presence we encounter the one who makes everything possible.” –7 Days with Jesus

Resources for prayer

Prayer Partner

To help you pray for EHC’s global evangelistic outreach and discipleship ministry, we produce valuable prayer resources such as the

Prayer Map of Canada

● Pray for Canada! a 7-day prayer guide (free)

● Harvest Partner, our monthly newsletter – includes the monthly Prayer Partner with ministry prayer requests and daily Bible readings (free subscription)

When you pray

Prepare your heart. Remember you are in God’s presence. Give thanks for his great love. As God speaks to your heart, confess and repent, trusting in his forgiveness.

Pray lovingly. Remember that God loves people without measure! His love has transforming power.

Make time. Consider making “prayer appointments” throughout the day. A few moments in attentive and sincere prayer can move mountains.

Pray with focus. Use EHC prayer guides and add to the petitions as the Lord gives you insights into the needs of the nations.

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