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Presenting Christ to Every Home

1611 King James Bible Leaf Offer

Since the ministry of Every Home for Christ International / Canada is telling people the Good News of Jesus Christ through print literature, how appropriate that we can make authentic 1611 King James Bible pages available to you. We have them because a friend of our ministry gave them to us to help support our outreach ministry. Now, for a minimum gift of $650 to the ministry of EHC, you can own a page of history or present one to someone as an extraordinary gift. (Each $650 Bible Leaf donation is eligible for a $500 Canadian tax receipt.)

Obtain an authentic Bible leaf


Authentic Manuscript

A source of inspiration

These Bible leaves are not facsimiles or reproductions but actual pages from original printings of the most beloved edition of Scripture ever published — the 1611 King James Version. Each expertly framed Bible page has been verified by scholars and is accompanied by a registered Certificate of Authenticity.

Each $650 Bible Leaf donation is eligible for a $500 Canadian tax receipt.

Order Now

Call 1-800-265-7326 or 519-837-2010 to order your copy today.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn more information and find the answers to frequently asked questions about the 1611 KJV Bible Leaves here.

Finding the treasure

In a centuries-old church sanctuary in the heart of Britain, researchers discovered a treasure: ancient fragments and unbound pages from original King James Bibles. Remarkably preserved, many in pristine condition, these captivating sheets are true works of art.

Printed by hand on Gutenberg-style presses from 1611 to 1650 A.D., each page has unique character and appeal. What a discovery… magnificent pages of Scripture hundreds of years old!

Bible Leaf In A Frame

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With painstaking care, we have preserved each one in museum-quality conservation framing.

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