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Presenting Christ to Every Home

Share your experience of personal evangelism


We would love to hear how you are using Every Home for Christ evangelism resources as well as any observation you may have as you pass them on to others. To share your experience of personal evangelism please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

2 Responses to “Share your experience of personal evangelism”

  1. Rose-Marie says:

    I took up the challenge of going out evangelizing on Global Outreach Day. Wow God was so faithful. It was reported that 9 souls were saved on Saturday. Six members of my church, including the pastor’s wife, joined me to hand out Tim Horton’s coffee and cookies to 200 of our precious inner city residents. We handed out the booklets that you sent us as well as other tracts. I personally lead 3 people to the Lord. Our pastor prayed for several people. Saturday night, 2 people from the inner city showed up at our church. House of Glory International Ministry was having a conference that night. Our 2 guests sat on the third front row seats. They received prayed at the altar. Then, on Sunday morning, one of the guests who attended Saturday evening, attended the church for our regular service. As well, it was reported to me that another gentleman from the inner city called my Pastor asking for a ride to church for Sunday morning service. He also attended Sunday morning service. And, I will be following-up with a lady who wants out of the addictions lifestyle. We are so pumped. Because of the opportunity we had to get involved with such a great event such as Global Outreach Day, people are motivated and are now evangelizing on their own. We plan on doing more evangelism events. Thank you Every Home for Christ for giving us the tools to move forward in winning souls for Jesus Christ. John 12:32 says And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

    Regards and Love in Christ,

  2. James says:


    I have been using EHC booklets to evangelize for years now. I find they are a great door opener to approach strangers with. They are simple but a very powerful tool to use.

    At our church a few weeks back we had a Christmas outreach turkey party and we made sure there was a Christmas Finding the Hope booklet in each goodie bag to the unsaved.

    I thank EHC people for their great work and effort and all Praise and Glory to our God and Lord.


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