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Presenting Christ to Every Home

Giving to Place the Gospel in Every Home

EHC Globe in God's HandsThe ministry of Every Home for Christ International / Canada is supported entirely through the faithful generosity of God’s people.

Because of these gifts, people in millions of homes have received the Good News of life and hope in Jesus Christ.

Presenting the Gospel

EHC is able to develop effective gospel literature and campaigns so Christian workers and volunteers can strategically present the Gospel home by home.

For information on how you can support EHC’s global ministry, see Ways to Give.


Gifts to EHC will be used as designated by the donor. If a project is oversubscribed, EHC will assign the gifts to a similar or related project. Charitable receipts are issued for income tax purposes for gifts of $10.00 or more.

EHC is a member in good standing with the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC).

Adelante in Latin America

In Spanish, the word adelante refers to forward movement, to purposeful direction — and this is what’s happening in EHC’s ministry in Latin America!

In Argentina, EHC works with local churches through pastor councils. In each province and city, an evangelism committee is appointed whose members coordinate with the Buenos Aires EHC office. Planning and prayer meetings are held and leaders are trained in how to do follow-up activities. As a result of these outreaches with the local church in Argentina, 162 churches have been planted and 517,800 people have come to know Jesus Christ.

“In order for the Second Coming to happen, the Gospel of the kingdom has to first be preached in the entire world. No missions agency, organization or ministry can do it on its own. Every believer must occupy his place as a witness for Christ,” says José Seisdedos, EHC’s regional director for Latin America. “This conviction is what moves EHC to collaborate with local churches in mobilizing their members. And every day, thousands of homes are receiving a clear presentation of the Gospel in Latin America.”

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