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Presenting Christ to Every Home

'Articles from EHC’s monthly newsletter Harvest Partner'

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Peacemakers in a War Zone

They called themselves “Team Hela.” For two grueling weeks this group of EHC workers pushed their way toward the heart of Hela Province in the mountains of Papua New Guinea. At the start of the trip, they hitched rides on backcountry roads, but by the second week, the roads had given way to shoulder-wide paths […]

Finding the Hope Goes to Gaspé!

The first 22 days of July brought a wave of good news to a portion of the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec. Over 19,000 homes from Nouvelle all along the coast to Grande-Rivière received a bilingual Finding the Hope packet and an invitation to a special evangelistic event. It began in late 2014 in prayerful conversation […]

SriLanka Evangelistic Literature

“We want that”

Their heartache had festered into bitterness. “We don’t need any god! We’ve given up on God,” they shouted when EHC workers in Sri Lanka visited their dilapidated home. “God never helped us!” they cried, clearly angered by the mention of Him. The pioneer missionaries listened patiently, waiting for the elderly couple’s anger to subside.  For […]

Pray for the persecuted church

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church November 9th

More than 200 million people worldwide suffer for their faith in Christ. Their cry continues to be, “Pray for us.” EHC is carefully at work in many of the nations where Christians endure the most severe persecution for their faith in Christ. We are deeply grateful to the ministry of Open Doors for their continuing […]

Finding the Hope in French Guiana

Finding the Hope in Martinique and French Guiana

Throughout the Caribbean, there are people searching to know who Jesus is – and many are responding to the Good News shared in EHC’s Finding the Hope booklets…


Finding the Hope expands to the French Caribbean

EHC Finding the Hope materials are now being sown across Europe and as far as the French-owned territories of the Caribbean! Our friend and colleague, Dr. Pierre Clément, who serves as National Director in France and also Regional Director for Europe, has given leadership and vital breath to these many initiatives. Literally millions of Finding […]

Turning Point

Turning Point

A Finding the Hope booklet, left on a street, became a lifesaver for a man on the verge of committing suicide. The man’s name is Joseph. He lives in Martinique, a French territory in the Caribbean…


Finding the Hope: Simply Passing It On

This past year a lady in British Columbia wrote to our office asking us for permission to copy a page of the Finding the Hope booklet. She wanted to reproduce the page entitled “A Prayer to Jesus”, which we had included in the booklet as a suggestion to help people begin to pray.

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