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Presenting Christ to Every Home

Who we are

Every Home for Christ is people who are passionate about people receiving the Good News of life and hope in Jesus Christ. Overseas, we have a global workforce of several thousand coworkers and about 41,300 volunteers. They visit more than 200,000 homes every day, going from village to village, city to city and across vast regions. When they can, they do face-to-face evangelism and always leave literature or other reusable media with people and at homes. In Canada, we collaborate with local congregations to reach Canadians. Through Finding the Hope campaigns, the Gospel is presented to every home in individual communities. EHC follows up on each response, and many times this results in individuals — and even entire families — giving their hearts to Jesus. EHC disciples new believers and puts them in touch with local churches. If there is no local church, we establish Christ Groups, which are small Christian fellowships where believers are nurtured and discipled in their spiritual walk. The work of Every Home for Christ International / Canada is made possible through the generous support of faithful partners who pray for and give to this ministry.

Jesus changes lives


“I want to thank God that you provided these booklets to me and now I want to share my faith in the Saviour. I have begun a prayer group and these materials are a great help.”


“I was born into a Muslim family; however, at my high school I have many Christian friends. All are kind and caring. One night I dreamed about Jesus. I had wondered about him but after the dream, I decided I needed him as my personal Lord and Saviour. After receiving Jesus, my marriage was much happier and we witnessed many miracles.”

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What does Every Home for Christ ministry do?

Introducing EHC
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Outreach in Canada
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